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About AFN


Founded in 1995, AFN is one of the most well equipped companies dedicated to the production and commercialization of accessories for all-land vehicles.

AFN has come to grow in this last decade due to the constant concern with its customers' total satisfaction.

Our ideals of innovation and transformation have granted AFN a proeminent position in the national and international market.

Research and development

AFN has its own resources to be able to test and analyse the resistance of its products.

AFN has come to diversify its range of products in order to satisfy all needs, such as, aesthetic and protection accessories.

We always bet in an efficient response capacity.


Investment in technology has always been a priority. We use technology that allows to cut raw material with high precision and to transform products with the quality that is recognized in the market.

AFN has come to widen its vast range of products without ever relinquishing, however, the quality, thanks to its specialization in the different areas of elaboration and manufacture of those products.

Our products

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